VIP Protection 

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Close Protection Officers

With the world becoming an ever more volatile place, we understand that close protection is necessary for some people. Therefore our mission is to protect you from threats and danger.

As an established provider of close protection services, we offer security and protection to individuals and groups, including businesspeople, government officials, celebrities, high net worth individuals, VIPs and more.

All our personnel have extensive backgrounds in security and are trained to detect and respond to danger. Whether you need a single bodyguard or a small team of highly skilled close protection officers, we can design bespoke packages based on your needs. We'll be by your side to keep you safe from harm.

Executive Transportation

Whether you've just stepped off a plane, have an important business meeting to attend or are going to a wedding or other celebration, travel in style, comfort and security with our executive transportation services.  We have a comprehensive luxury fleet and professional chauffeurs to meet a wide variety of personal and business needs.

Our hand-picked drivers are knowledgeable and courteous professionals who take great pride in what they do and provide outstanding service. So sit back and relax as you enjoy an immaculate door-to-door travel experience.

Executive Transportation and Chauffeur S
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Armoured Vehicles

There would be no need for armoured vehicles in a perfect world, but we don't live in such a place. From protecting workers and diplomats to military personnel and famous people, they are the best choice for transporting people and assets in high-hazard areas.

The safety of our clients is our number one priority. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Therefore to shield you from harm and danger, we have a comprehensive fleet of armoured vehicles that includes armoured vans, armoured cars or SUVs, cash transit vehicles, bulletproof cars and armoured passenger buses.

At Anzen, we supply armoured vehicles to fulfil the high-security needs of a wide variety of clients, including embassies, NGOs, police forces and commercial organisations.

We'll give you the safest, most reliable vehicles to reduce risk and deliver protection from bullets and blasts.


Meet and Greet Service

Travel doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Anzen offers you a superior meet and greet service that blends privacy with comfort, so your journey through the airport is seamless, enjoyable and hassle-free. We aim to ensure you breeze through all airport formalities involved with arrival, transit or departure.

Our bespoke service is customised entirely around your specific requirements. It includes but is not limited to greeting you at the aircraft door, taking care of all your luggage and fast-tracking your process through immigration and security controls.


Forget about long queues and airport stresses. We've got you covered.


 Secure Operations Command 

Remote Monitoring



Many businesses use CCTV cameras to record incidents when they occur. However, with Anzen's remote monitoring service, we'll proactively monitor and protect your premises in real-time, every second of the day.

We can design a fully customised system that suits your unique needs and budget. You'll receive extensive coverage and round-the-clock property surveillance. With state-of-the-art and strategically placed security cameras, we can closely monitor any suspicious or potentially damaging behaviour. In the event of a fire, crime or another emergency, we respond quickly to help protect your property from danger.

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Control Room Management

The control room is the nerve centre of your building, a place where fast, informed decisions have to be made, and good communication is of the utmost importance. If your property has a security control room, our highly trained professionals can operate it, ensuring your tenants and premises are safe at all times.


We watch your property day and night, carry out routine and random inspection and respond rapidly to emergencies. With continuous monitoring, we'll detect any incidents fast.


We operate our control room management service from a central hub, delivering a safe environment for your staff while also saving you time and money.