Each employee adds a business security risk. Conducting background checks on applicants (during the hiring process) and the workforce is an effective way to discover potential issues that could affect your business. With our innovative and on-demand solutions, we use a smart approach to background checks enabling you to only focus on what’s most important to your business. We provide required solutions to efficiently and effectively manage your background screening program and make well informed decisions.

We provide bespoke background information based on your requirements — whether individuals are being checked for the purpose of determining eligibility for business partnerships or employment, we provide assistance on a variety of information, including information regarding an individual’s credit, personal characteristics, reputation, or lifestyle. We ultimately give you the results you can trust.

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Be in control of your own information. Get your detailed background-check with the help of our qualified professionals. We have a detailed plan that ultimately assists you to choose from a variety of options designed to fit your specific needs.​ Private clients can use the individual background check to gain insight into individual integrity. Easily assess whether an individual has anything in their immediate background that may be a cause for concern. This can include criminal records, education transcripts, driving records, and credit reports, etc.

As an individual, if you are applying for a rental property, college, or a new job, a background check can be an added boost to be accepted, trusted or get hired. If your check has a problem, you can easily add comments to help hiring managers understand your case or try and fix any mistakes with our actionable tools before your interview.​ If the information is inaccurate, our assistive dispute process and support team help you contest any errors and get mistakes fixed quickly. 




Not all businesses or organisations provide the safest and trustworthy code of practice. It’s necessary to access the vendor from the security risk perspective such as integrity, legal and regulatory compliance and business ethics.

Before engaging or working for a company, it’s necessary to ensure that the company is compliant and has high ethical standards. Unscreened vendors pose a risk to employee safety and business integrity. We evaluate the entire corporate history of the identified vendor.

Our vendor background check provides you with a customised package of screening services. This package is based on actionable practices that help you gain insight into the safety of the company operations and the outlook of the B2B relationship. By getting the right and legal information, through our rigorous baseline services, it’s easy to reject vendors that pose a high-risk to your professional success.


 Background Check 


 Electronic Bug Sweeping and Detection 

Residential property and private vehicle

Residential Property and Private Vehicles



With our expert knowledge and experienced professionals, we provide bug device detectors to collect all the information necessary for your protection. Do you feel you are being listened to, watched or suspect that you have been compromised? Our private property bug detection service helps give you peace of mind by sweeping your home and private vehicles for bugs and hidden devices – including audio, cameras, and other trackers.

Commercial Clients



Businesses need to keep their projects private without any external monitoring or listening devices. Are you concerned about your sensitive negotiations, high-value projects, or a staff issue? More companies are incorporating routine technical surveillance countermeasures in their overall risk management framework.

Your company can be bugged, filmed or tracked by external electronic surveillance. Our experts can work with your organisation to determine the scope of the surveillance threat (using a range of technology) and give detailed strategies for combating with anything we find.

Electronic Bug Sweeping and

 Polygraph Testing 

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Credibility Assessment


With our best in class expertise, we assist businesses from all sectors to suitably assess the authenticity of the workforce or staff within the realm of their company.

Are you in business partnerships where trust is deteriorating? Or is there dubious handling of sensitive data, theft, or potential fraud with your employees? It can be very difficult to proceed with legal action due to a lack of substantial evidence.

Our polygraph technology complies with the governing laws and regulations. We ensure to provide the optimum level of data/information protection while examining credibility assessment within your premise.