Enterprise Risk Management 


Project Risk Assessment 

The success of any project depends on meticulous planning, attention to detail and processes to identify and minimise risks. Unexpected and unpleasant surprises shouldn't blow you off course. Poor risk management is one of the major causes of project collapses.


When it comes to practicing risk management, our approach delivers a well-defined, transparent and quantitative view of the risks associated with every aspect of your project, including cost and performance. Once we have identified what could happen to impact a project, we'll develop a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Our staff are highly experienced in project risk management processes and will offer you unrivalled expertise. From project design to completion, we will be with you every step of the way.


As a result, you'll have increased confidence to make project-based decisions with more certainty. This will enable your project to be completed on time and within budget.

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Security Audits 

Commercial and industrial buildings are often more vulnerable to break-ins, arson, vandalism and accidental damage than some facilities managers realise. A robust security system is your first line of defence against intruders and other disruptive events that could damage your business. Even the best security systems will fail if they're not monitored and checked.


To ensure yours is performing efficiently and effectively, we'll conduct a detailed physical inspection and evaluation of your interior and exterior spaces, security system, physical entry controls and everything else in between. We will leave no stone unturned as we examine your physical environment.

Our knowledge and extensive experience of conducting audits enable us to offer you a tailored security audit solution. Following our findings, we'll provide you with an audit report that includes our recommendations. If there are any major or minor security issues, Anzen will find them.

Security Designs



Good security design is essential to protect your people, property and assets from potentially dangerous threats. No matter the size of your company or organisation, the physical security measures you put in place can save time and money.


Anzen will undertake an all-encompassing survey (a threat vulnerability risk assessment or TVRA)to identify your vulnerabilities and threats; then, we will design a security plan from the ground up based on the threats we have identified. This will cover a variety of measures that can be deployed in your business, including CCTV cameras, access control systems, perimeter security systems (i.e., anti-climb fencing, gates and bollards), security doors and walls, video surveillance and intruder detection systems. We will also ensure that everything is in line with relevant health and safety obligations.


Our expertise extends to every aspect of physical security, and therefore we can plan and customise robust solutions that fit your situation. Whether you're moving to a new facility or want to improve the security of an existing one, we have the ability and expertise to design a safer and more secure built environment. If you already have a security team, we'll be happy to provide them with support to improve your security.

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Crisis Management 



In today's complex, fast-paced, interconnected world, organisations face multiple threats. Some can be anticipated and mitigated, but others are unexpected and hard to predict. With personnel, assets and reputation at stake, high-level support is a necessity.

Anzen helps our clients prepare for a variety of situations that have the potential to disrupt their business operations.

If a crisis issue does arise, we will rapidly assess the situation and respond quickly, minimising the damage to the company or organisation. A well-designed and well-executed plan will not only help you respond to the immediate problem but can also reduce liability exposure in the aftermath of an adverse incident.

We have extensive experience in evaluating, developing and implementing crisis management plans for public and private organisations in all sectors. Our experts can make a difference during your crucial moments.


 Travel Risk Management 


Travel Risk Assessment 



When it comes to travelling to new cities or countries, carrying out a risk assessment is a critical factor that is often overlooked by employers. Yet, it is the only way to ensure a safe and successful trip. As global mobility increases, travellers face greater exposure to medical and security risks.

At Anzen, we will ensure that your personnel are properly equipped to handle such travel risks as natural disasters, terrorism, food/water safety, crime and unreliable infrastructure. We understand your needs and challenges and will work with you to design and implement a customised travel risk management plan to best protect your business and your employees.  We'll identify the risks, how to reduce or avoid them and how to deal with emergency situations should they occur.


We are specialists in providing travel risk assessments to help clients such as corporations, small businesses and government agencies meet their duty of care responsibilities.

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Journey Planning  



Understanding the risks of a destination is an integral part of keeping your employees safe when travelling. The information is out there, but there is a lot of it to wade through. Our journey planning advisory service is designed to help you cut through the noise to better prepare your people for their forthcoming trips.

Our mission is to make sure people can travel safely, no matter where they are in the world. With our expertise, we can help mitigate risks, plan the safest routes, assess risk levels for specific destinations and offer recommendations. In the likelihood of an incident during travel, we'll equip your teams with the best means to respond.


We work in partnership with our clients to help them make more informed decisions. So, let Anzen get you where you need to go safely and securely.


 Country Risk Assessment 


Regional Reports  



High-risk incidents can happen at any moment with little or no warning. Civil conflicts, corruption, tax laws, even comments from politicians and business leaders are among the hundreds of factors to consider when doing international business. Therefore it is prudent for comapnies to analyse the regions in which they operate or are planning to operate.

At Anzen, we provide our clients with up-to-date analysis of the political, social, economic and environmental situations in individual countries and regions. They shed light on hidden risks within an area and allow organisations to realign their strategies to mitigate those risks.

We focus on the key issues impacting regions of interest, including risks associated with the political landscape, supply chain factors, labour regulations and the economic environment. Then we distil our findings into easy-to-digest reports with accurate and succinct analysis, data and graphics.

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